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In a world with dwindling resources, it is critical to identify companies that will help maintain your production cycles while maximizing your supply chain. INFINIUM received a $6M grant from the Department of Energy to scale their MagGen™ process, and we continue to innovate ways to produce other metals in as clean and efficient a way as possible. In fact, the rare-earth metals neodymium and dysprosium are considered the most critical energy materials by the U.S. Department of Energy. For wind energy, we provide elements for high power-to-weight generators using neodymium magnets to keep tower costs low.

Currently producers of rare-earth magnets and devices which use them must pay wildly varying prices which are often not set until the shipment date. China's export quotas, which have varied widely, sometimes well below OECD demand for rare-earth metals, have thrown considerable uncertainty into markets which depend on rare-earth magnets. With the INFINIUM NdDy™ process, the resulting lower supply risk and shorter supply chain to western manufacturers will likely expand deployment of the energy technologies which use them, such as wind turbines and hybrid and electric vehicles.