the use of fueled anodes improves the capital cost for our metals production and client's bottom line?


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For decades a number of grand challenges have stymied innovation and progress in the metals industry. While it is common knowledge that magnesium and neodymium metals can provide high profitability for multiple verticals through light-weighting and cost savings, the cost of availability for these essential metals and poor recyclability of neodymium magnets and post-consumer magnesium scrap has meant companies can't afford to experiment with new techniques for potential improvement without disrupting their supply chain or operations.

INFINIUM's proprietary solutions use zirconia solid electrolyte tubes to solve these grand challenges by operating at unprecedented efficiency with zero-emissions and inert anodes. In the case of magnesium, this enables us to offer clients the first commercial electrolysis process using low-cost magnesium oxide. Read on to see how we're offering our suite of Clean Metal Element benefits to our clients.

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