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1. Did you know
the use of fueled anodes improves the capital cost for our metals production and client's bottom line?

2. Did you know
that because our fueled anodes use an oxidant of pure oxygen versus air, they produce ZERO mono-nitrogen oxides, making our emissions less harmful than those of household or commercial natural gas combustion?

3. Did you know
that the rare-earth metals neodymium and dysprosium are considered the most critical energy materials by the U.S. Department of Energy?

4. Did you know
that in February of 2013 INFINIUM received a $375k grant from the National Science Foundation for the development of fueled anodes to use in conjunction with our zirconia solid electrolyte tube technology for metal production?

5. Did you know
that our fuel anode process converts natural gas at approximately 70% efficiency, vs. 40% for a typical single-cycle gas turbine or coal-fired boiler or 60% for typical gas combined-cycle generation with heat recovery?