The Clean Metal Element

Harness the transformative benefits of state-of-the-art metals production for your organization.

Learn more about the industries that benefit from INFINIUM's expertise.
Lighter seat frames reduce fuel cost by up to hundreds of thousands of dollars over the life of an aircraft. Our magnesium provides strength along with lower weight.
Our proprietary processes provide 40-60% weight savings along with CO2 offsets, increased fuel efficiency, plus hybrid/electric vehicle performance
and range.
Our processes provide magnesium for cases for phones, tablets and laptops, plus the lightest and strongest neodymium magnets in the world.
INFINIUM's NdDy™ primary rare earth metal production is a domestic, cost-effective, and clean solution for mitigating national security issues.
Backed by the DOE, our MagGen™ process produces magnesium and other metals as cleanly and efficiently as possible while our MagReGen™ recycling system maximizes supply chain profits.
High-strength, lighter-weight magnesium and rare earths metals mean higher fuel efficiencies, profits, and long-term ROI.
Domestic Clean Magnesium Production providing high-value, environmentally safe solutions to multiple verticals.
Rare Earth Metal Primary Production utilizing domestic resources to lower supply chain costs while increasing overall value.
Magnesium Separation/Recycling leveraging domestic manufacturing to lower supply chain and materials costs for clients. Read our report on MagReGen™ process development. >>